Skills of Inquiry

This page will showcase the strategies you can use to develop the skills of inquiry – questioning, investigating, selecting resources, recording data, analysing patterns,forming differing opinions and finally deciding what now are the key elements of inquiry learning.

Thinking Skills - What another school is doing
Shelley found this and it is an interesting read. They have created a hand book of thinking skills. Tracy

ANZAC Terrace School - Thinking Skills

Hyerle's Maps

On the teacher drive you will find 2 folders of thinking maps. 1 folder with a blurb to go with the maps and another folder with blank templates. As the children develop an understanding of the maps they will be able to draw them rather than a paper copy. The number of ways to use these maps is endless!

Thinking Maps

A school Roz found where children are sharing their understanding of thinking maps and how they use them. Tracy

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 10.41.03 PM.png

Hyerle's maps explained

Jeni WIlson and Kath Murdoch

...describe the skills of inquiry as follows.
Skills of inquiry
Thinking Map
Suggestions for tools to develop these skills
identify what it is they want to know

question and critically examine

observe, predict and problem solve

locate the appropriate sources of information

gather, sort and organise information

synthesise and present the information in appropriate ways

reflect on what they have learnt and the inquiry process

think about ways of using their newly acquired information in other situations

At the first workshop this year we brainstormed what tools and strategies we could use to develop the skills of inquiry that Jeni and Kath identify here. These are in this document.


I strongly recommend you visit youtube whenever you need to know something about the tools and strategies below. I typed in using thinking maps and came up with this list of videos. And there are some really good ones there!
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Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 9.57.09 PM.png

Using Six Hats

on Thinker's Toolbox website

And from the man himself ...
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Link to a great wiki with loads of tools and strategies
Question prompts
Graphic Organisers
Thinker's Keys
Seven Servants