While the accepted and better known term for these is Thinking Maps, they are now referred to as thinking processes as much as possible to emphasise the fact that they are a processing tool to support thinking not and end outcome in itself. Heather has done the training for these now and we will start to introduce these to you during our sessions this term.

Thinking Maps® are a set of eight visual tools designed by David Hyerle Ed. D. for organising information and ideas in different ways for different purposes. Each of the maps is based on a fundamental thinking skill. Thinking Maps® have a variety of multi-sensory applications and are superb tools for improving the cognitive skills of learners with different learning styles.

The Eight Thinking Maps

On the teacher drive you will find 2 folders of thinking maps. 1 folder with a blurb to go with the maps and another folder with blank templates.
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"Thinking Maps® as a Transformational Language for Learning" by David Hyerle, Ed.D

An artlcle on how they are used

Maraekakaho School and thinking maps

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