Workshop 4th June 2013

Please read this before the meeting on Tuesday. We will be discussing it and referring to it during the session.

Outline of the day

  1. what's on top
  2. target students - boys at risk
  3. exploring the reading
  4. develop NCS model with own words
  5. asking authentic questions
  6. developing an inquiry unit

Workshop: January 2013


Day One: Inquiry Learning
  • Identify your goals from using inquiry learning with your students
  • Build knowledge of the range of inquiry learning approaches
Day Two: Teaching as Inquiry
  • Revisit BES model
  • Using data effectively
  • Planning
  • Where to from here

What do we already know?

Think about:

1.Models you know
2.Models you have tried
4.Understandings of the models
5.Impact of different approaches on learning outcomes for the students in your room
6.How does it look in your classroom
7.Other schools and their models in this area

Information about Different Models

Pam Hook - Solo Taxonomy
Guy Claxton - Building Learning Power
Karen Boyes - Habits of Mind
Lane Clark - Thinking Tools
Tony Ryan - Thinkers Keys
Kath Murdoch

Focus on Guy Claxton

Ian's sabbatical findings

Broadening our knowledge