Guy Claxton - Building Learning Power

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Ewan MacIntosh has been reading Guy Claxton's book What's the Point of School? and he discusses it here. Claxton identifies 8 qualities of powerful learners and sums up the 6 reasons people want to learn. This connects strongly to our thinking about inquiry learning as a model so it is well worth reading Ewan's blog post about Claxton's book.

Videos about BLP

Here are two of the videos that explore the concept of Building Learning Power. .
There are several more that can be viewed here on youtube.

Children talk in this one about building their learning power muscles (see chart below) clearly in this clip. There's an interesting bit about the learning power muscle 'managing distractions' that is worth exploring

Building Learning Power Muscles

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Building Learning Power Website

  1. A interesting read by Claxton - some split screen thinking/teaching ideas
  2. Reading about 'Split Screen Thinking'

Split Screen Thinking

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